Parent Handbook


Students should arrive with enough time to be dressed and ready when class begins.  This is especially important for any students wearing pointe shoes in class. Generally, arriving 10-15 minutes early is required. Participation in Nutcracker and spring performance pieces are based on attendance, and HDT choreographers are not required to hold spots in pieces for students who are absent from class and rehearsal.  If you know your child will be absent, you are required to call or text the studio at 304.522.4230 and speak to an instructor or leave a message. Please do not email administrators, as we may not receive the message in enough time to inform the class teacher for that evening. If a student of any age misses the first rehearsal without prior notification to the choreographer, that student will forfeit their spot in that piece.

Please see the COVID 19 response for current updates regarding attendance and the COVID 19 pandemic.

Tuition: Huntington Dance Theatre accepts tuition by direct pay through Jackrabbit (Parent Portal), checks to HDT or cash (exact amounts only please). Tuition for the 2020-2021 school year can be paid in 9 monthly installments (August – May), by the semester or by the year. The first installment is due at the time of registration, and monthly tuition is due by the 10th of each month. A late fee of $10.00 per week will be applied to tuition bills that are not paid on time.  A 5% discount will be applied to students who pay for the entire year at the time of registration. Please write the student’s first and last name on the memo line. There will be a $50 bounced check fee.  Tuition is not refundable or credited due to absences.


  • 10% yearly tuition discount for all subsequent family members

  • If you refer a new dance family that stays with HDT for the school year, your student will receive their last month of tuition for free.

  • Application for need-based scholarships are available and can be obtained at the studio or via email. 

Registration: Non-refundable annual registration fee: $40.00 for the first student, $20.00 for any subsequent family members. The registration fee and first month’s tuition is due at registration.

Tuition 2020-2021:

Except for Grown up and Me and Zumba, all tuition listed is for the full school year.

Creative Movement: $495

Beginner Ballet: $585

Intermediate Ballet: $990 (Ballet classes only)

                                    $1350 (All inclusive)

Junior Ballet: $1215 (Ballet classes only)

                        $1530 (All inclusive)

Apprentice: $1215 (Ballet classes only)

                      $1530 (All inclusive)

Company: $1530 (All inclusive)

Adult Ballet/Tap/Jazz: $585

Single class: $585

Grown up and me: $10 per class

Zumba: $5 per class

Yoga: $10 per class


Dress Code

For the dancer’s safety, teachers will ask students to watch class if they are not dressed appropriately. Dance is a discipline, and like any sport, participants must dress in proper “gear.” DRESS CODE WILL BE STRICTLY ENFORCED. Similarly, Apprentice and Company members will NOT be allowed to wear socks. Ballet or pointe shoes must be worn by these students or they will be asked to watch class. No exceptions.


Ballet Attire: In order to participate in class, it is required that students arrive with the proper dance attire, hair style and shoes. Teachers must be able to see that the student’s alignment is correct. Students are required to wear a leotard in their designated class color, tights and ballet shoes.  Hair must be pulled up away from the face and off of the neck in an appropriate ballet bun.  No street clothes are allowed.  Skirts, shorts or sweaters can be worn only with the permission of the instructor.

Optional Class Attire:  We ask that you wear a leotard under jazz pants or leggings. Shirts and skirts may be worn in specialty classes, as long as they are not loose on the body.


Costume Fees:  All students will be required to pay a $100 costume deposit due by October 1, with the balance to be determined by March 15 after all necessary costumes have been ordered for Spring Recital and Concert, if applicable. If you student has a costume balance it will be due by April 15th.


When rented costumes are returned they need to have been drycleaned or hand washed using Woolite.  If any costumes are returned unclean there will be a $50.00 charge per costume.

HDT has set up a school page on Discount Dance Supply’s website where proper leotard styles and colors are available, as well as the required shoes.   Website:    HDT Code: TP36909


The Dance Station 

304-948-6764 & 606-923-4931 cell

5505 U.S. RT 60 Suite 300, Huntington, West Virginia 25705 


Backstage Bodywear

(304) 343-2100

205 W Washington St, Charleston, WV 25302

Leotard colors:

Creative Movement: Pink

Beginner Ballet: Lavender

Intermediate: Light Blue

Junior: Royal Blue

Apprentice: Eggplant

Company: Black 

Adult Classes: Anything comfortable

Grown up and me: Anything comfortable

Class Placement and Casting

Class placement and casting are at the discretion of HDT administrators and instructors. If your student’s class placement changes, you will be notified. Class placement and casting are not based on age but rather technique. Attendance is also taken into serious consideration when determining class placement and casting. Consistent attendance will help increase a dancer’s technique, so technique and attendance are often correlated; both are taken into consideration when determining casting and class placement. It is not unusual for a student to be in the same level for more than one year. Administrators will not discuss casting decisions with students or parents. If a student has poor attendance, it is possible they may be removed from their role and an understudy will replace them. 

Students 18 and Older:  We cannot discuss students 18 or older with anyone, including their parents, without a written, signed statement from the student. 

Additional Opportunities

Private Lessons: If you are interested in private lessons, please contact an HDT Director. In order to be eligible for private lessons, a student must be consistently attending his or her regularly scheduled classes and attending all required minimums. Private lessons are not to be held during class time or rehearsal time.  Pricing varies by instructor.


WV Dance Festivals: Dance WV Fall Festival will be held in Jackson’s Mill October 16th-18th  and is open to dancers ages 9 and up. The WV Dance Festival is held at the state Culture Center in Charleston, WV in April, dates to be determined and is open to dancers in 12 and up. This event is canceled due to COVID -19. Virtual options may be available.

Nutcracker Schedule and Fees:

This year’s Nutcracker will take place Friday, Saturday and Sunday, December 4th, 5th, and 6th, 2020 at Marshall University’s Joan C. Edwards Playhouse. It is the 40th anniversary of our wonderful show! A school performance will also be held on Friday, December 4th. All students and families are invited to participate! Younger students will learn choreography during class time. Sunday rehearsals will begin August 23rd and will be required of Junior, Apprentice, and Company dancers based on certain dance pieces, and younger students will also be required to attend rehearsals on designated Sundays. 

School Spring Recital and Company Spring Concert and Fees:

This year’s Spring Recital and Spring Concert will take place Saturday, June 5th, 2021, at City Hall. All students are invited and expected to participate. Younger students and speciality classes will learn choreography during class time, so attendance is of the utmost importance. Sunday rehearsal schedules for Junior, Apprentice, and Company dancers will be posted online for families to view at the start of the semester. Parents are asked not to schedule vacations or trips two weeks before the show, as rehearsals are mandatory.

Fundraisers and Events

Huntington Dance Theatre is a non-profit school and dance company which makes us unique, because most dance companies have for-profit dance schools associated with them. HDT’s administrators and many faculty members operate on a volunteer basis to provide the highest quality dance program at an affordable level.  Therefore, HDT’s performance and operating expenses require additional fundraising activities. Your participation in these activities is an investment in HDT and your dancer’s future. Thank you for your continued support.

Inclement weather and holidays

Inclement Weather: When Cabell County schools are closed or choose to dismiss early due to inclement weather, HDT classes and rehearsals are also cancelled. Please email  or check our Facebook page for cancellation information. This does not include early-out days. 


HDT Closing: HDT will be closed for major holidays. Any other cancellations will be communicated via email and on social media. If there is no update emailed or posted, classes are still in session as scheduled. 

Questions and Concerns?

Please be aware that many of our teachers often teach back-to-back classes and are therefore unable to speak with parents directly before or after their student’s class. If you would like to address a concern with your child’s teacher, please contact the studio at 304.522.4230 or at to schedule a time. As a courtesy to teachers, students and other parents, parents are asked not to approach instructors while they are in the middle of class or rehearsal for any reason other than an emergency.


Please Note: The majority of HDT instructors, including the director and assistant director, work full-time day jobs outside of the studio. Please keep in mind that they are often not able to immediately respond to texts, voicemails or emails. If you know your child will be absent, please call OR TEXT the studio at 304.522.4230 and leave a message. Rehearsal schedules are provided well in advance and extra copies are always at the studio.

Student Expectations

Classroom Etiquette 

  • Food and drink are not permitted in class at any time. Water is the only acceptable drink to bring to class, as it will not damage marley flooring. 

  • Students should be respectful of other classes going on.  

  • Dancers are not to engage in excessive conversation during class time. 

  • Cell phone use is not permitted in class, and all cell phones must be kept off the dance floor.  If there is a special circumstance, please inform the instructor.

Proper Hair

  • All female dancers MUST wear their hair in a bun for all ballet classes. To properly and safely execute movements in ballet class, hair must be out of the face and unable to get in the eyes, which is why anything but a bun, even a ponytail, is not permitted. 

Dress Code 

  • Students must wear proper ballet attire to class (leotard, ballet shoes, and tights) or they will be asked to sit down. In order to move freely and for the instructor to be able to adequately see alignment, it is crucial that students adhere to the dress code. Just as other disciplines have uniforms, this is our “uniform.” 

  • Socks are not permitted in ballet class. 

Parents in Class 

  • Parents are not permitted in the classrooms and must remain in the waiting room for class to end. 


  • Students should arrive to class with enough time to be dressed appropriately and ready when class begins. Arriving 10-15 minutes early is strongly suggested. 

Class Attendance

  • Often choreography is done during class time, especially at the creative movement, beginning ballet and intermediate levels. Class attendance is extremely important because it is difficult for both the instructor and other students to hold someone’s spot and can become extremely confusing. Nutcracker choreography will begin after Labor Day. Spring choreography will begin during the month of February.

COVID 19 Response

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we will be following the recommended CDC guidelines for the operation of dance studios. Please read carefully through the guidelines (, so we can keep our families safe AND dancing. We ask that your family strictly adhere to these guidelines. Huntington Dance Theatre is not liable for unintentional exposure or harm due to COVID-19.