Nutcracker Cast List 2021

Huntington Dance Theatre is proud of each of our dancers. They have put in an incredible amount of time and attention to their dance, and we value each role. They each did excellent work at the audition. Congratulations!

Act I

Christmas Shopping at Anderson-Newcomb

Mrs. Stahlbaum: Natasha Vance 

Frances/Mischievous Sister: Molly Weimer/Claire Little

Gallop Girls: Maggie Piaskowski, Grace Blatt, Angela Lin, and Miah Ashworth

Shopping Guests:  HDT Family and Community Members

Santa's Helpers/Elves: Creative Movement Dancers

Santa Claus: Mr. Arneson

Uncle Drosselmeyer: Bill Rawlinson

Shopping Girls: Junior Girls

Ballerina Doll: Matti White/Molly Weimer, understudy: Claire Denning

Harlequin Doll: Madison Niese/Elena Marstellar, understudy: Claire Little

Soldier Doll: Sara Stacy/Claire Denning, understudy: Gwyneth Yoost

Into the Night

General Mouse: Ethan Arneson

Older Mice: Apprentice Dancers

Soldiers: Junior Dancers


Into the Snowglobe

Snow Queen: Annie Piaskowski/Hanna Moore, understudy: Emily Rawlinson

Snow King: TBA


Leads: Grace Blatt, Miah Ashworth

Corps: Emily Rawlinson, Abby Bell, Madison Niese, Molly Weimer, Elena Marsteller, Matti White, Kay Stevens, and Annie/Hanna *

Understudies: Claire Denning, Campbell Murphy, Katie Piaskowski, Allie Bennett, Claire Little

*reserves the right to modify


Act II

Into the Candy Counter

Gumdrops: Intermediate Dancers

Spanish Chocolate: Hanna Moore & Annie Piaskowski, understudy: Matti White

Tea from China: Emily Piaskowski/Miah Ashworth, understudy: Claire Denning

Coffee from Arabia: Grace Blatt, understudy: Molly Weimer     


Russian Trepak: Elana Marsteller, Madison Niese, Campbell Murphy, and Katie Piaskowski, understudy: Claire Little

Marzipan: Abby Bell, understudy: Madison Niese

Leads: Claire Denning & Molly Weimer

Corps: Juniors: Gwyneth Yoost, Marie Cheung, Charlotte Dudley, Lily Kaul, Leighton Murphy, Allie Bennett, and Maggie/Aurea

Mother Ginger: TBA

Gingersnaps: Beginning Ballet  & Intermediate Dancers

Waltz of the Sugared Flowers: 

Dewdrop Fairy: Miah Ashworth/Emily Rawlinson, understudy: Abby Bell

Corps: Annie Piaskowski, Emily Rawlinson, Miah Ashworth, Hanna Moore, Abby Bell, Molly Weimer, Matti White, Claire Denning, Elena Marsteller, and Madison Niese, understudies: Allie Bennett, Claire Little, Katie Piaskowski, and Campbell Murphy

Sugar Plum Fairy: Maggie Piaskowski/Angela Lin, understudies: Annie Piaskoswki and Emily Rawlinson

Sugar Plum Cavalier: TBA


Congratulations Dancers!


The director and advisors work hard to find roles to showcase and challenge each of our beautiful dancers. That being said, casting is not open for discussion and is not subject to change.